Aseptic gaskets for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Both the food and pharmaceutical industry have various applications and problems totally different from the hydraulic-pneumatic industry.

We are capable of customising solutions to your request in a field where the specifications are increasingly demanding, both in terms of types of gaskets and regulations related to the compound.

Our collaboration with Universalflex Group, a company which - besides being a pipes, valves and gaskets retailer - is particularly sensitive to innovation and to the needs of the food&beverage and pharmaceutical industry, actually stemmed from the effort to achieve this goal. Together, we have developed and designed a specific series of seals dedicated to these particular industrial fields.

These gaskets are called “Cassaforte” and the respective model was patented in Europe and in the U.S.A. The main advantage of this product is that it does not feature undercuts or recesses in the housing, which could cause stagnation of contaminant residue. A feature specially designed to avoid possible formation of bacterial loads around the area in which the seal is housed.

Universalflex - Uniseals: the perfect combination for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical sector. We are always looking for new profiles and materials to meet and follow the continuous evolutions of EU regulations and beyond.

Even the MOCA Certification requires us scrupulous attention in the production of our food seals: find out more about the MOCA Certification

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