Very similar to NBR, this particular rubber also features hydrogen in its molecular composition, which makes it resistant to the ozone and UV rays. Another differentiating aspect lies in the excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 180°C). The material also reveals good air and gas impermeability, excellent mechanical properties and great resistance to abrasion and permanent deformation.

Technical features:

  • Excellent physical-mechanical properties;
  • Resistance to permanent deformation
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Good air and gas impermeability
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • High resistance to permanent deformation and abrasion
  • Excellent at contact with mineral oils, hydrocarbons, fuels and water
  • Good resistance to UV radiation
  • No flame resistance
  • Poor at contact with strong mineral acids, hot diluted alkaline solutions, non-petroleum brake fluids, benzene and chlorinated hydrocarbons, phosphoric ester hydraulic fluids, phenol.


Materials available

  • 01H-NBR white highly saturated NBR 85 SH A
  • 02H-NBR green highly saturated NBR 85 SH A
  • 03H-NBR black highly saturated NBR 85 SH A
  • 73H-NBR black soft highly saturated NBR 73 SH A



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