Polyurethane is a very versatile thermoplastic material used in various product markets. It is an elastomer consisting of urethane bonds that keep the polymer structure firm. In addition, it is resistant to abrasion, hydrolysis, cutting and tearing, remaining flexible over a wide range of temperatures (-20°/+110°). In other words, your gasket will have an extraordinary seal, it will be practically undeformable and easy to assemble.

Technical features

  • Great flexibility and elasticity at different temperatures
  • Good resistance to permanent deformation (compression-set)
  • Resistant to oils, greases and many types of solvents
  • Scratch resistance
  • Resistance to breakage and tearing
  • Easy to colour
  • Poor resistance to UV radiation
  • No resistance to acids and bases


Materials available

  • 01H-PU red polyurethane thermoplastic 95 SH A
  • 02H-PU natural white polyurethane thermoplastic 95 SH A
  • 03PU3 green polyurethane thermoplastic 93 SH A
  • 04H-PU yellow polyurethane thermoplastic 55 SH D
  • 05H-PU blue polyurethane thermoplastic 95 SH A
  • 06H-PU dark grey autolubric polyurethane thermoplastic 95 SH
  • 07H-PU blue low temperature polyurethane thermoplastic 95 SH A
  • 08H-PU black polyurethane thermoplastic 72 SH D



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