What is the perfect cycle for a turned gasket?

Here is ours:

  1. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOUR REQUEST. We set out to deliver you a fast and customised service. We work hand in hand with you, listen keenly and we know how to address your needs through various specialised professionals. This first step allows us to meet your every demand, offering new solutions ranging from interchangeability of commercial gaskets all the way to the more complex problems.
  1. WE MAKE AN OFFER. Right from our first contact, we provide you with all our know-how through an all-round consulting and assistance service. We suggest the most performing materials and gaskets that are best suited to your application, making you an offer that foresees your needs. The right answer at the right time.
  1. PRODUCTION SHEET. What does it take to manufacture a gasket once the order has been received? We organize all the data received in a production sheet to be used in the manufacturing stage. The production sheet contains all the information useful for the work cycle: the correct sequence of operations, the type of material to be used, the shape and dimensions of the piece. We never miss a single detail!
  1. PRODUCTION. All is set to get to work. Through a dedicated software, our specialised staff programmes the machinery and selects - in conjunction with the technical department - the most appropriate materials, thus manufacturing your turned gasket according to your specific requests. Our systems are technologically advanced and constantly monitored to meet the required sealing and resistance needs.
  1. FINAL CHECK AND DELIVERY. The gasket is checked, measured and rectified - if necessary - by one of our operators, who transfers the finished piece to the control and sampling department where deemed necessary. Quality, trust and punctuality are the corner stones of our relationships with customers, starting from consulting all the way to delivery of the finished product, guaranteeing maximum precision, greater safety and flawless performance.

How do we solve your problems?

Here are the stages of a solution process that goes from proposing special solutions to their complete design and manufacturing.

  1. Uniseals, we have a problem!
  2. LET'S START WITH THE DRAWING. The technical department analyses the problem and designs the gasket deemed most appropriate to solve the problem.
  3. WE PROGRAM THE SOFTWARE. Programming is modified based on the data and specifications requested by the customer and indicated in the drawing.
  4. NUMERICAL CONTROL LATHES. Once the final design is completed, it is transferred to numerical control lathes for production.

Problem solved! Our special and customised gasket is ready to solve your problem and meet all needs over time.



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