FPM (fluorinated elastomer) is used for temperatures higher than those of NBR. They have extraordinary heat resistance. The tests have shown that the elasticity of FPM remains intact in an oven at 205°. It also reveals excellent durability in environments with petroleum oils, gasoline, dry cleaning fluids and reactor fuels.

Technical features:

  • Resistance to oils, greases and chemicals
  • Exceptional permanent deformation behaviour (compression set)
  • Good properties at low temperatures
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • Good resistance to atmospheric agents and ozone

Materials available

  • 01FPM brown elastomer fluorinated 85 SH A
  • 02FPM white elastomer fluorinated (FKM) 85 SH A
  • 03FPM black elastomer fluorinated 85 SH A
  • 73FPM black soft elastomer fluorinated 73 SH A
  • AFLAS TFE/P black elastomer fluorinated

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