Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic technopolymer, with high mechanical strength, used for the production of precision parts that require high rigidity, low coefficient of friction and great dimensional stability. POM has excellent flowability, resistance to wear and low moisture absorption.

Technical features:

  • Excellent mechanical strength, rigidity, hardness and low coefficient of friction
  • Good resistance even at low temperatures
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low tendency to deform
  • High dimensional stability and hydrolysis resistance
  • Low abrasion resistance and non-self-extinguishing
  • No UV radiation resistance
  • Low resistance to strong acids


Polyamides are the most widely used thermoplastics and they have the advantage of having excellent mechanical properties which are maintained constant even at high and low temperatures. They are also resistant to various chemical agents and to breakage: their hardness, toughness, low coefficient of friction and high attenuation power make them preferred in many applications in the various fields of the mechanical industry.

Technical features:

  • High mechanical strength even at high temperatures (up to 110°C) and in harsh environments
  • Good resistance to breakage, traction, compression and impact
  • Low coefficient of friction and abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to machine oils and greases
  • Good resistance to aging and atmospheric agents
  • Resistance to stress, it maintains the characteristics even under repeated stresses
  • No resistance to concentrated acids
  • High moisture absorption (not suitable for the electrical industry).


UHMW-PE polyethylene is an ultra-high molecular density pressed technopolymer. Insolubility, excellent chemical resistance and good insulation are its main qualities. It is a very versatile plastic material used in many fields, offering wear durability and good flowability characteristics. Though very stable for all machining operations, it is not suitable for tight tolerances due to deviations stemming from thermal expansions. As a matter of fact, operating temperatures must be between -200°C and 80°C.

Technical features:

  • Insoluble
  • Good insulation properties
  • Excellent workability with low specific weight
  • Good flowability
  • Good shock resistance
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Suitable for handling food products
  • Operating temperatures range between -200°C and 80°C.


A semi-crystalline thermoplastic that combines excellent mechanical characteristics, good chemical resistance, PEEK - above all - can be used up to 260°C in hot water or steam. It is also ideal for low temperatures, up to -60°C. Besides having great chemical and mechanical resistance, it also has low permeability to highly aggressive substances such as H2S, CO2, methane and hydrocarbons. It has the highest coefficient of tensile strength coefficient in the plastics family.

Technical features:

  • Lightness
  • Good dielectric and insulating properties
  • Low coefficient of moisture absorption
  • Chemically resistant and insoluble to all common solvents
  • Excellent strength, rigidity and dimensional stability even at high temperatures
  • High resistance to X-rays and gamma rays
  • Approved by EU and FDA regulations for the Food Industry
  • Not UV-stable

Materials available

  • 01POM white copolimer polyacetal 85 ± 3 SH D
  • 02POM black copolimer polyacetal 85 ± 3 SH D
  • 01PA natural white Polyamide 85 ± 3 SH D
  • 01UHMW-PE natural Polyethylene of ultra hight molecularweight 61 ± 3 SH D
  • 01PEEK brown Polymer 81 ± 3 SH D




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